Dawn Bradley

dawn-bradley-imageI want to help and support YOU

Living every minute of every day in my own unique way!

I love living at the beach and looking at the ever-changing ocean.

I love to move my body with yoga, running, walking and dancing.

My passion is to help others to live the balanced, healthy and happy life of their dreams.

As a Personalised Healthcare Practitioner I achieve this online, in one-to-one personal sessions and workshops, and at wellness retreats in Spain. Utilising my skills as a yoga instructor, life coach, reiki master, and reflexologist, I create tailor-made sessions, workshops and retreats so you get exactly what you need.

I may not have walked in your shoes, but I’ve been there, done that, and got a wardrobe full of those T-Shirts!

Heartache; Divorce; Debt; Anger; Rejection; Abandonment; Ill-health; Stress; Bullying boss; Depression; Loneliness; Not having enough hours in the day; Insomnia; Frustration; Guilt; Lack of confidence; Weight-gain; Failure; Success!

I’m qualified academically and I also have over 50 years of Life Experience!

I used to be part of the rat race. If you’re interested to know how I escaped, just continue reading…

I worked in various offices, trying to find happiness in processing paperwork, and I developed a hard shell from the knock-backs when I suggested ways I could see to improve efficiency.

One day I thought “I could do so much better if I worked for myself!”

But as far as I could see, I had no skills. I couldn’t think of a business I could set up.
So I continued flitting from one job to the next when the boredom set in. Then, pushed to the brink of depression by what I now know to be a bullying boss, I stumbled across Reflexology.

Someone said to me “I’ve heard it’s good for stress but I’ve not tried it myself”.

I went home and thumbed through the Yellow Pages, and there it was… a section entitled ‘Reflexology’! It was a very short list, but one lady worked in the next town.
I called her, booked an appointment, and turned up.

I was 29 years old and I didn’t realise how much pain was hiding in my feet!
But somehow, the pain felt good; as if she (Linda) was squeezing it out of my body.
I think I had an out-of-body experience during that first session.

At the end of the session I felt different. Relaxed. Lighter. Unstressed!

I wanted to see if this magical pressing of the feet really could help with my stress on a long-term basis, and so I booked another session for a week later. This continued for months.

I lived for the reflexology sessions. They were the highlight of my week.

Then one day I happened to notice myself in the hallway mirror on the way in to the session.
I looked miserable. A grey face without even a glimmer of a smile.
I received the usual treatment, and once again, felt amazing.
As I left, I once again happened to notice myself in the mirror.

There was someone completely different beaming back at me.
She had a twinkle in her eyes, and a radiant face! “WOW!” I thought “Linda must get such great job satisfaction” and that was my lightbulb-aha moment
“That’s what I need… Job satisfaction!”

As I drove home I wondered if I could become a reflexologist. At the time, I was not aware of positive self-talk (that all came later) and my inner voice was not very cheerful. It defeatedly said  “I bet it takes years to study to be a reflexologist, and it probably costs a fortune”. But despite what my ‘mind voice’ said, the next day I telephoned the number on the back of Linda’s leaflet.
I spoke to a lovely lady at the British Reflexology Association who informed me that the training took about a year, and that the fee was paid monthly at each training session.

I couldn’t believe my ears! That was all achievable! I asked when the next course started. “In March” came the reply. “Great”, I said “I’d like to sign up for that please”. I sent a cheque in the post and my training process began.

So did my life-changing process!

It was soon after that I decided I would not put up with my boss any longer, and I phoned up and told the Managing Director that I would not be back. He wasn’t surprised and told me I was the 3rd assistant to the sales director to leave after a short period of time.

My time was now my own, to create my new life. To dedicate myself to my studies.
My (now-ex) husband at the time wasn’t impressed, but with or without his support I knew in my heart that THIS was what I was supposed to be doing.

I’m passionate about helping people to help themselves. I genuinely care about my clients. and I want to see you succeed with your goals.

My success is created by your success.

I have bucketfuls of life experience, and lots of empathy and compassion.

I pride myself on being able to help and support all of my clients. I have a unique skill-set, and each treatment or session is tailored for each individual client, because you are unique.

If you’d like to book an appointment, or discuss your needs, you can do so by clicking here

And if you’d like to read about my academic qualifications you can find the information here