Art for meditation


Inspired by the natural beauty of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean, I found myself creating works of art using ‘sea-glass’.

As time passed I started to incorporate sand, shells, ribbons and semi-precious beads.

The energy of the ocean and the beach is captured within the shells, glass and sand, which makes it a great way for you to connect to nature. Focusing on each small detail will allow you to connect to your inner peace (also called being present and being in the moment.)
Being present brings you into a naturally relaxed state where you automatically connect with ‘The Source of Life’, which flows through you, and stimulates your creativity and sense of oneness with all of life.

If you’d like something created for yourself or as a gift, please let me know.
Each piece is unique, but I can replicate similar designs.

My artwork will be available to buy at a very special introductory price at Neville Hall on Monday 22nd  April, or please contact to place an order.

I also make greeting cards, which are blank inside so they can be given for any occasion.