How to prepare for the clocks going forward

Daylight saving ends in Europe in 2021, so this will be last time you go through this ‘loss of an hour’ unless you live in the UK. As the clocks spring forward one hour at the end of this month, daylight saving can leave us feeling a bit out of sorts. In fact, studies show Continue reading »

Evidence based weight loss

Many people have gained weight in the last year due to the stress and/or restrictions of the COVID pandemic. (It’s estimated that 60% of people gain weight during times of stress!) If you want THE FACTS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS then watch this video. It includes CHEAP & NATURAL ways to speed up weight loss. “Surely, Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 9

Take your mind off COVID and set yourself a goal to focus on. Full details are now on this page  

Porridge that satisfies and keeps you full

For many years I’ve eaten porridge as my first meal of the day. My current recipe is below. You can tweak it to suit your own taste. Remember that a sprinkle of salt will sweeten the porridge. Soak the oats overnight in a glass dish that has a clip on lid. Add these ingredients to Continue reading »

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Try this DELICIOUS cacao powder from Sevenhills Wholefoods. It’s my favourite because it makes a really silky cup of naturally low-calorie hot chocolate by just adding hot water. Great when you need a chocolate fix! Try the recipe below for an indulgent hot chocolate with a twist. Hot Cacao with Cardamom + Tahini (Vegan) Ingredients Continue reading »

How is coronavirus affecting the mental health of students?

This article is from Coronavirus is affecting student mental health in so many different ways. Being a student in a pandemic is a new experience that we’re always finding out more about. Mind’s coronavirus survey results revealed the following: People aged 18–24 reported worse mental health and wellbeing during the 2020 UK lockdown. Nearly Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 8

If you wish you’d achieved more in previous lockdowns, you’ve now got another opportunity to learn something new, clean up your life, or set some achievable goals and get 2021 off to a great start. In 1 hour you could: Learn an effective daily meditation practice Experience a simple technique proven to improve your brain Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 7

While it might seem like a great idea to spend your lockdown days as if you’re on holiday, this will probably lead you into bad habits, lower your mood, and negatively affect your sleeping and eating patterns. It’s important to schedule your time Having a plan for your day is very important, especially if you’re Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 6

The changes in our day to day living caused by the covid pandemic have left many people struggling to get up in the morning. Are you jolted out of a deep sleep by your alarming morning alarm? Would you like to wake naturally, feeling refreshed and ready for your day? The easiest way to wake Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 5

NOW is a great time to catch up on your sleep! I’m constantly researching the latest evidence based health information, and I recently listened to a fantastic podcast with Matthew Walker, author of ‘Why We Sleep’. His top 5 tips for getting a good night’s sleep are: Regularity – Try to go to sleep at Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 4

We all know how important it is to breathe… without it you wouldn’t be reading this! Something I’ve been aware of recently is the variety of breathing techniques that are promoted for improving sleep and reducing stress. I learned a variety of breathing techniques during my yoga teacher training, and it’s interesting to see how Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 3

With the extra pressures of everyone being in the house all day if you’re living through pandemic restrictions, it’s very important to separate your working day from your leisure time. Even if you’ve worked from home in your PJs, you need to stop working. How to end your working day Switch off your computer and Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 2

Your metabolism slows down 90% after just 30 minutes of sitting! So make sure you move your body regularly. Many people spend even more time sitting, now that they’re working from home due to covid-19 restrictions. If you don’t have a fancy watch or app timer, simply set an alarm on your phone to go Continue reading »

Lockdown Wellness Tip 1

Just got off a tough Zoom call, or struggling with home schooling? SHAKE IT OFF! When you’ve had a stressful experience, or you’re feeling stressed, stand up and shake it off! Start at your feet and work your way up to your head. Hopefully it will turn into a fun experience and get you laughing Continue reading »

How to REMOVE inflammation (and pain)

Pain is caused by inflammation in the body, so to remove the pain you simply need to remove the inflammation. Fasting resets the body (like a computer reboot), and then eating a whole food, plant based diet keeps it clean, healthy and pain-free! It will also improve your mood! The great news is that humans Continue reading »


“The best way to relieve the effects of stress is to relieve the stress itself. To the extent possible, we should try to reorient our lives to avoid major stressors and use exercise to work off what’s unavoidable. This can include yoga, walking, or resistance band stretches. Mindfulness techniques can be used to reduce stress Continue reading »

7 Minute Exercise Routine

If you’re squeezed for time, and looking for a quick and effective exercise routine, you might like to try this tabata training workout.

Super Blue Foods

Try to eat three to five of these “Super Blue Foods” daily. You will likely discover that these foods go far to boost your energy and immunity, and you’ll be less likely to turn to the sugary, fatty, and processed stuff that gives you the immediate (and fast-fleeting) “fix.” 1. Beans—all kinds: black beans, pinto Continue reading »