UK Wellness Retreats *NEW!*

Balance your life with a blissful Wellness Retreat in the tranquil surroundings of Burnham Beeches Hotel. More details here  

Stroke Prevention

More than 90% of stroke risk is attributable to modifiable risk factors. Take 4 minutes to learn the simple things you can do to dramatically reduce your stroke risk.  

Menopause news!

Please take 12 minutes to watch this excellent explanation of how the menopause affects women’s brains, and how you can take steps to prevent Alzheimer’s. Lisa’s healthy diet information can be found via this link and you can read an excerpt below. Having tried a few different diets in the last year to try and Continue reading »

Precautions I’ve taken re coronavirus

I’ve been following the coronavirus protocol set out by Dr Sircus for a few weeks now, and I’d like to share this information with you. Please do what feels right for you. The following information is from Coronavirus is pH sensitive There are certain important subjects that doctors and world health officials do not Continue reading »

Squat sitting naturally

Last month I listened to a podcast where Dr Chatterjee’s spoke with Tony Riddle. Ever since, I’ve been working from my laptop while sitting on the floor, and practising my relaxed squat sit. So far my unaided squat-sit is not very relaxed after a few seconds, but I’m working on it every day. Some of Continue reading »

Intermittent Fasting (IF) aka: Time Restricted Eating

There are many (scientifically proven) benefits for fasting every day; for longer than just while we’re asleep. I fast every day, and I eat a diet that’s free from low-quality carbohydrates, gluten and lactose. This combination works for me, and I’d like to encourage you to give fasting a fair trial. Some of the scientifically Continue reading »

Flaxseed & Chia Wraps

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to bread, you might like to try these wraps. Recipe 20g flaxseed meal (grind your own flaxseeds into a flour/meal) 10g ground chia seeds OR 30g flaxseed meal 30ml boiling water Each wrap contains about 75 calories, 5g carbs, 4g fibre, 5.5g protein, healthy fats (omega 3) and Continue reading »

How to create habits that stick

It’s the same way I reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro… One step at a time. The best way to create a new and lasting habit is to follow a few simple rules, which are all Tried and Tested & Backed by Science! Now that you’ve chosen your goals for the year ahead, and written Continue reading »

Vision Board: Why & How

The best way to achieve your goals is to think about them often, and connect with the feelings of having already achieved them. By putting a vision board somewhere you can see it every day, you will remind yourself to visualize your ideal life on a regular basis. That’s important because visualization activates the creative Continue reading »

Learn how to calm your adrenal glands

Yoga, reflexology, meditation and exercise can all help balance your adrenal glands, by using up or releasing the stress hormones from your body Most people these days are like busy little bees, buzzing from one place to the next; flitting from one task to another. This heightened state is commonly known as ‘fight or flight’ Continue reading »

Real Food Vitamins

I’m sure you’re already taking vitamins to boost your health, your energy or improve your sleep, but are you aware of vitamins made from real food? They are not only more gentle on the body compared to vitamins made from chemicals, but they are more effective too. I’ve been taking vitamins for decades, and as Continue reading »

A Green Smoothie a day, keeps the doctor away!

Having recently been on a mission to find a way to stop hot flushes and night sweats brought on by the menopause* I came across a few recipes for green smoothies. Here is my personal favourite. It’s a combination of a few smoothie recipes I found online, with added ingredients for an extra energy boost. Continue reading »

Quick & Healthy Hot Chocolate

Who needs a Chocolate Fix? Cacao is a great way to get your chocolate fix. It’s naturally low in calories and makes a delicious cup of hot chocolate just by adding hot water. Add a splash of milk as you would coffee or tea if you need it to be sweeter. I use it in Continue reading »

Foot health for body health

As a reflexologist and a runner, foot health has always been extremely important to me. As an over-pronator, I’ve spent a lot of money on specialist orthotics and running shoes, only to find they didn’t resolve the issue. When I started beach running 3 years ago, I noticed a big difference in how my calf Continue reading »

Learn how to Silence Your Mind

DOES YOUR MIND START RACING AS SOON AS YOU GET INTO BED? Would it surprise you to know that there are some very simple techniques that you can use to silence your mind? Sunday 1st September – Learn how to relax and sleep well This one-day workshop will leave you feeling relaxed and more balanced. Continue reading »


What problems do you have? Do you need help to solve them? Would you like to be supported? If you’re in need of some time away from your life to refresh, recharge and put your life in order, you will benefit from a few days at a Rota Retreats beachside wellness retreat in sunny southern Continue reading »

How to enter ‘The Now’ and ‘Be in the moment’

    Entering ‘The Now’ See if you can give much more attention to ‘the doing’ than to the result that you want to achieve through it. Give your fullest attention to whatever the moment presents. This implies that you also completely accept ‘what is’; because you cannot give your full attention to something, and Continue reading »