Keto for hormone balance and menopause

If you are experiencing any hormone imbalances, including PSOS, PMS or menopause, you will find this information interesting and possibly life-changing!

Cacao is a great way to get your chocolate fix. It’s naturally low in calories and makes a delicious cup of hot chocolate just by adding hot water. Add a splash of milk as you would coffee or tea if you need it to be sweeter.

I use it in my baking too.

I’ve tried a few brands and I love this one because it makes a silky smooth cup of hot chocolate:

An easy way to get soya and green tea into your daily diet is with a vegan Slimfast Vitality shake:



I take the following 3 supplements every day, and have been doing so for years.

Periagna is excellent for balancing female hormones. Buy the 4 month pack to give it a chance to get into your system and work its magic!

Serotone 5HTP :

  • A natural amino acid and the precursor to serotonin (the happy hormone!)
  • Amino acid needed for neurotransmitter production
  • A role to play in maintaining normal nerve and brain function
  • Serotonin may also be converted to Melatonin, important in the sleep-wake cycle

Even though I eat a high quality diet, I like to take a mineral supplement. A few days after taking BioCare Mineral Complex I noticed a feeling of extra Zing! That’s the only way I can describe it to you!

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