Learn How to Live a Stress-Free Life

Are you in need of some ‘Me Time‘?

Do you need to balance and organise your life?

Would you like to make the most of every single day?

If the answer is “yes!” you’ll benefit from joining us for a series of one-day workshops that will leave you feeling relaxed, balanced, uplifted, and ready to live a stress-free life.

You will be gently guided through a series of relaxing yet highly beneficial techniques that you can incorporate into your daily schedule.

These unique workshops give you tools to get your time back, be prepared for your day, and take control of your life.

Learn practical skills that you can use every day to reduce stress, gain time, relax, sleep deeply, stay healthy, energise and lift your mood.

Step out of your life for a few hours and leave your stresses behind:
No phones, computer, taking care of family or pets…
Just TIME for YOU!

These workshops are interactive and ‘attendee led’, designed to improve your life forever, and go beyond being a day of relaxation away from the stresses of your life.
Prior to the course date you will be asked what you want to get from the day, and a simple yet effective technique will be incorporated in the workshops activities, to enable you to achieve your goals. These workshops are unique, because you are unique.

The Ultimate Aim of these workshops

By attending one or more of these workshops you will learn how to enter what Eckhart Tolle calls a “State of Presence”.
This is a waking meditative state where you take your attention into the present moment. Being alert, but not thinking at all; while being conscious of what’s around you, and what’s within you.

With practise, you can bring this sense of presence into your day-to-day life.
Enabling you to silence the mind, and detach yourself from the mind.

For it is in this state of connecting with yourself that you will learn how to LIVE your life to the fullest; make the most of every day, and live ‘in the moment’.
This is something I was lucky to experience 21 years ago and I’d love to share this knowledge with you, so that you can also experience living your best life.

“Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

2019 Dates:

Part 1: Sunday 28th April
Part 2: Sunday 30th June
Part 3: Sunday 1st September

Each day starts at 11am and ends around 4pm

Prices Pay by For 1 workshop For 2 workshops For 3 workshops
Earlybird 3rd Feb 2019 £80 £155 £225
Mid 31st March 2019 £95 £185 £265
Full 26th April 2019 £120 £225 £325

Part 1: Having MORE by doing LESS

Energy Protection Ritual
How to plan and achieve
Yoga sequence for general well-being
Visualisation to Create Your Day
Release clutter from your mind and your life
100 day challenge
Reflexology for relaxation

Part 2: Creating a FANTASTIC Future

Techniques to effectively Design Your Life
Visualisation to Create Your Life
Techniques to improve self-esteem so you can learn to feel and know that YOU ARE enough
Yoga sequence for general well-being and presence
Additional yoga poses to strengthen the glutes and reduce back pain
100 day challenge
Reflexology for the neck, back and shoulders (and general relaxation)

Part 3: How to relax and sleep well

Techniques to unwind physically and mentally
Yoga sequence for general well-being and presence
Night time Gratitude ritual
Nightly Rituals for better sleep
Meditation to prepare for sleep
100 day challenge
Reflexology to balance the liver and digestive system (and general relaxation)

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Neville Hall, Waltham St Lawrence, Royal County of Berkshire, UK

When was the last time you did something JUST FOR YOU?

When was the last time you soaked in a bath, read a book or went for a walk and really ALLOWED yourself to ENJOY the experience COMPLETELY UNINTERRUPTED?

I’m very excited to bring this series of one-day workshops to you.

Each workshop has a different focus and a different set of take-away, PRACTICAL, self-help tools.

They also include:
Lunch and Herbal Teas
An Energy Protection Ritual
A Guided Visualisation
A Daily Presence Yoga Sequence
A Digital Detox
A reflexology lesson
A technique to improve your mental and physical health by doing nothing!

NOW is a good time to live your best life!

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

In the meantime, you might like to listen to Eckhart talking about ‘Being Present’ by clicking on the link below. He’ll make you smile!